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Whenever possible we like to let Mother Nature take care of us.  Herbs and spices are non-addictive and so much cheaper than most medicines on the markets nowadays not to mention easier on your body.  We have spent years researching herbs and their beneficial properties. 

What makes Renovation Tea unique?



                     Our recipes are unique and specific for certain ailments and health conditions.  Such as, Alzheimer’s, Blood Purify, Blood Clot, Essential and Weight Loss Lemonade, etc.  No one on the web sales teas such as ours. 


                     Essential Renovation Tea is especially unique – More studies are showing that you should drink hot drinks with meals instead of cold.  Our recipes are formulated to deliver a hot and extremely healthy drink with every meal or just because!.


                     Alzheimer’s Detox Renovation Tea is formulated to remove aluminum and other heavy metals for your body that is known to cause Dementia and Alzheimer’s.  Plus, it assists with memory and overall healthy immune system. 


                     Our Weight Loss Lemonade Tea is our specialty recipe that not only boost your metabolism and aids in weight loss but tastes fantastic and gives you an added energy boost to help you throughout the day.  Just to name a few!


                     Our product line is expanding to detox teas that target certain parts of your body such as lymph node detox, so that your immune system can function at optimal levels.


                     Each bag is filled individually with Fair Trade, Certified Organic Herbs.


                     Most importantly, we like to renovate our health the way Mother Nature intended, naturally!

Each package contains 10 premium tea bags.